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Beryllium [Be]

Characteristics An: 4 N: 5 Am: 9.012182 (3) g/mol Group No: 2 Group Name: Alkaline earth metal Block: s-block Period: 2 State: solid Colour: lead grey Classification: Metallic Boiling Point: 2742K (2469°C) Melting Point: 1560K (1287°C) Superconducting temperature: 0.026K (-273.124°C) Density: 1.85g/cm3  Discovery Information Who:

BERYL [ Silicates : Cyclosilicates ]

Be3Al2(SiO3)6, Berylium aluminium Silicate: Gemstone, mineral specimens and source of beryllium Beryl is often unknown to the general public, even the gemstone-buying public. However, it is one of the most important gem minerals. Beryl is colourless in pure form; it is the many different impurities