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CHALCOPYRITE [Copper Iron Sulfide]

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CuFeS2, copper iron Sulfide [Major ore of copper]
Chalcopyrite (or copper pyrite), looks like, and is easily confused with pyrite, FeS2. Chalcopyrite is one of the minerals refered to as “Fool’s Gold” because of its bright golden colour. But real gold is a more buttery yellow and is ductile and malleable.
As an ore od copper, the yield of chalcopyrite is rather low in terms of atoms per molecule. It is only 25%, compared to other copper minerals such as chalcocite, Cu2S – 67%; cuprite, Cu2O – 67%; covellite, CuS – 50% or bornite Cu5FeS4 – 50%. However the large quantities and widespread distribution of chalcopyrite make it the leading source of copper. Chalcopyrite is a common mineral and is found in almost all sulfide deposits. Fine crystals of chalcopyrite have a unique character and can add to anyone’s collection.

Physical Characteristics

Colour : brassy yellow, tarnishes to irredescent blues, greens, yellows and purples
Luster : metallic
Transparency : Crystals are opaque
Crystal System : tetragonal; bar 4 2m
Crystal Habits : predominantly the disphenoid which is like two opposing wedges and resembles a tetrahedron. Crystals sometines twinned. Also commonly massive, and sometimes botryoidal
Cleavage : rather poor in one direction
Fracture : conchoidal and brittle
Hardness : 3.5 – 4
Specific Gravity : approx. 4.2 (average for metallic minerals)
Streak : dark green
Other : Some striations on most crystal faces
Associated Minerals : quartz, fluorite, barite, dolomite, calcite, pentlandite, pyrite and other sulfides
Major Occurrences : include Chile, Peru, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, several USA sites and many others around the world
Best Indicators : crystal habit, tarnish, softness and brittleness
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