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Earth’s Core 1.1

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Earth’s Core provides a wealth of information for those people interested in Rocks, Gems and Minerals. it contains detailed information on hundreds of gems and minerals as well as a detail glossary of terms.

Earth’s Core is designed to be used on desktops set to 1024×768 or better, it requires 70MB of disk space.


  1. Detailed descriptions and images on 600 minerals
  2. Detailed descriptions and images on 300 gems
  3. Detailed descriptions and images on 200 rocks
  4. 900 glossary items
  5. 2100 pictures
  6. Fully searchable content
  7. PLUS, it also contains most of the features of my Periodic Table software;
  8. Detailed information on each element, its allotropes, compounds, reactions and images.
  9. Biographies for the important scientists and element discoverers

Click here to download Earth’s Core 1.1

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